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The project DESIGN FÖR ALLA.SE represents a pooling of effort at the national level. Its objective is to show the applicability of the Design for All concept within different areas of society - in both the public and private sectors.

The non-profit institute EIDD Sweden is the owner of the project. The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID), The Swedish Agency for Disability Policy Coordination (Handisam) and the Swedish Disability Federation (HSO) are project collaborators. The project is being funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund and has a planned lifespan of three years.

The project is aimed at the public sector, the business community and educational programmes in design. The purpose is to increase the demand for Design for All know-how within public procurement and private enterprise and the range of such competence among planners, architects, designers and consumers.

The project was launched during Design Year 2005. The sights are set on 2010, by which time Sweden, according to a national action plan, is to have become a more accessible and better society for all. "Good design enables, bad design disables." This is the motto of The EIDD Stockholm Declaration© and is a guiding star for the collaborators in the project.

Download the brochure for the campaign

Download the brochure for the campaign (pdf, 2 MB). Opens in a new browser.

The brochure for the campaign (pdf, 2 MB)

Finn Petrén - Project Manager
Finn Petrén - Project Manager

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