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EIDD Sweden

EIDD Sweden is behind the project DESIGN FÖR ALLA.SE together with SVID (The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation), Handisam (The Swedish Agency for Disability Policy Coordination) and HSO (The Swedish Disability Federation).

EIDD Sweden is a non-profit organisation and functions as a network for designers, industrial designers, architects, planners at all levels, NGOs, schools, companies and authorities that together wish to develop Design for All in both theory and practice.

EIDD Sweden was founded in the autumn of 1996 and has since developed into a national platform for Design for All, having at present some 120 members.

Its vision is a society where accessibility and utility for all will be a natural element in all planning and design of public areas, buildings, services and everyday items.

EIDD Sweden is a national member organisation of the EIDD - Design for All Europe (earlier European Institute for Design and Disability), which was founded in Dublin in 1993. The European parent organisation has a federal structure with national member organisations and "corporate members" in fifteen countries.


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Founding of EIDD Sweden

In the autumn of 1995, Irish industrial designer and founder of EIDD, Paul Hogan, contacted some of his Swedish friends in order to get them to set up a Swedish member organisation. These were Maria Benktzon (Ergonomidesign), Alf G. Eriksson (The Swedish Association of Neurologically Disabled), Lennart Lindkvist (Svensk Form) and Finn Petrén (Nordic Council of Ministers). Hogan’s initiative bore fruit and a year later the first interim board for EIDD Sweden came into being.

Paul Hogan, founder of EIDD
Paul Hogan,
founder of EIDDLennart Lindkvist, chairman of EIDD Sweden 1996-2004

Lennart Lindkvist,
chairman of EIDD Sweden 1996-2004
Finn Petrén, chairman EIDD Sweden since April 2004
Finn Petrén,
chairman of EIDD Sweden since April 2004
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