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EIDD Sweden bases its activity on non-profit-making resources. For nearly ten years, the institute has functioned without state funding. Member subscription constitutes its primary source of income. An annual appropriation from the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs finances the institute’s participation at the European EIDD meetings. The current chairman of EIDD Sweden has been Vice-President of the European parent organisation since the spring of 2003.

EIDD Sweden’s ultimate decision-making body is the annual meeting. The ordinary AGM is normally held in April. A further open members' meeting is held every autumn, normally in November. Between the annual meetings, a board chosen by the AGM conducts the institute’s activity. The chairman of the board is also chosen by the AGM and acts as a spokesman for the institute. A working committee exists within the board. This comprises in 2007/2008:

Finn Petrén, chairman
Maria Johansson, vice-chairman
Marit Jenset, secretary
Claes Frössén, treasurer

Publicerad: 23 oktober 2006

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