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The areas in which EIDD Sweden is active include networking, opinion-forming and policy-influencing work. The institute also initiates both external and internal projects for greater accessibility and utility for all, and has in recent years increasingly taken on the role of a referral body.

Much of the work done by EIDD Sweden goes on in project groups, and especially within three permanent working groups for built environment, industrial design and education. A series of conferences and other events have been held in cooperation with other organisations and authorities.

The work on influencing policy has first and foremost aimed at issues in architecture, design and form, as well as Design for All as a facilitating concept for the national disability policy.

The institute’s efforts resulted in a major breakthrough last year in the form of opportunities to implement the DESIGN FÖR ALLA.SE project together with some robust partners.

Publicerad: 23 oktober 2006

Uppdaterad: 2 november 2007
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