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The project

EIDD Sweden has been granted almost SEK 5 million by the Swedish Inheritance Fund for its joint project venture with SVID (The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation), Handisam (The Swedish Agency for Disability Policy Coordination) and HSO (The Swedish Disability Federation). The aim is to show the potential of the Design for All philosophy to be applied within different areas of society. The money is for the first year of a three-year project.

The project, which has been given the name DESIGN FÖR ALLA.SE, has the purpose of taking the Design for All concept off the drawing board and turning it into concrete action. This will happen in the form of a national pooling of resources and will feature a broad spectrum of participants. Hopefully, it will make Sweden an example to be followed internationally.

The Design for All concept

Two main elements

The project has two main elements: The first of these is concerned with establishing a widespread consensus on the purpose of the Design for All concept and its potential for contributing to full participation for all in society, regardless of ability. During the second year of the project, a campaign will be run aimed at the widespread communication of the message.

The second main element consists of a number of cooperative projects within various areas of society and with various cooperative partners. These projects are to provide good examples of how Design for All may take shape in practice. The examples produced, both in the form of effective processes and practical solutions, are to function as inspiration for the ongoing work and as material for the upcoming campaign message.

Vision for 2006
The project is the natural meeting place for all those looking to find or share ideas and know-how about how to plan and design environments, services and products that can be used by all, regardless of their abilities. 

Vision for 2010
Design for All forms a natural starting point for all planning and design of environments, services and products that all people need to use. Design for All also constitutes a key element in a proactive national strategy for long-term sustainable social development.


Project partners

Illustration of two hands. By Dennis Eriksson.

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